Solar farm opportunities on the Madacsi property$

Today Solar Panels are Efficient and cost effective, thanks to new and improved technology!.

       With the madacsi property it is possible to "Diversify Your Income – Grow Energy"$

A solar garden is a solar electric array with multiple subscribers (participants) connected to the utility grid. If you have a good location, it could be easily leased to solar energy providers, to supply local residents with solar electric power. 

Utility customers within the solar garden’s service area, including residences, businesses, local governments, non-profits, and faith-based organizations, can all subscribe to the sun. It’s like an agricultural lease, and you are the landlord.

Unlike large-scale utility solar, community solar gardens are solar power plants with multiple “subscribers”. These subscribers are treated as though the electricity is generated on their property. They offset their electricity bill with the electricity produced by the garden, and because solar is so inexpensive, they pay less than they would otherwise pay through their electric bill.